Timeless designs for coastal living

May 05, 2018 by Jindee Comments

There has always been a really clear vision for the Jindee community which makes it unlike any other estate. 

Our architectural standards have been carefully planned around traditional oceanside living and are part of what makes Jindee so unique. These standards have been developed to really make the most of our incredible location, reflected through all home designs and resulting in consistent, high quality streetscapes. 

At Jindee there will be no “worst home in the best street”. For you, this means that your beautiful new home will not end up next to something not quite so beautiful but will instead be part of a high standard, harmonious estate. 

Some of the basic elements of our design standards are outlined below.


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Long-lasting Materials

The quality of materials is extremely important – being so close to the seaside, we want to know that all homes built will stand the test of time and weather the coastal conditions. Think galvanised metals, treated timber and highly durable finishes.



Classic Architecture

It is all about timeless, classic architecture at Jindee. Simple shapes and forms not only stand the test of time in terms of durability but in style that never gets old. These classic shapes also work seamlessly with the natural landscape. 


Built for the Coast

Jindee homes are designed with coastal conditions in mind, featuring indoor/outdoor living areas which buffer sea breezes and maximise ocean views and homes built to make the most out of the sun and reduce energy needs. We have such an amazing location so it is all about making the most of it!


livingWhy Verandahs?

Verandahs are an integral part of the home designs at Jindee. These are a semi-private / public living area that encourages connection and interaction between neighbours. Simply put, we believe that verandahs can help to create a friendly community.   This is integral to the vision for Jindee, which is to create an easy going coastal community where people don't just stay inside their homes. 


While many estates you may have come across already are all about fitting in as many houses as possible, at Jindee we are working to create something truly different. Read more here about what makes Jindee... Jindee! 

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